Social Media for Nonprofits – Top Tricks and Tips

Social Media for Nonprofits - Top Tricks and Tips by Sue Ann Muller, Social Media Manager at Social Mission There’s a lot of digital noise in the non profit space so it’s vital that your organisation has a credible social media presence. Here are some tips and tricks to help you cut through the noise and stand out and stand for something! Develop a social media strategy 1. Define your social media objectives. Some broad objectives could be to: Increase brand awareness Drive traffic to your website Build an engaged community Provide customer service 2. Where are you [...]

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How companies can promote its good deeds and avoid skepticism

How Companies Can Promote its Good Deeds and Avoid Skepticism When a company stands for a cause or issue it is passionate about it has the power to engage us on a deeper level. It also creates positive media coverage, builds brand positioning and brand loyalty, increases employee engagement, job satisfaction and reduces turnover. Standing for something and talking about it also helps stimulate sales for your products. Recent research findings from Cone Communications (2015 Cone Communications /Ebiquity Global CSR Study) have found that 95% of consumers would switch brands to one that supported a [...]

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How to Support the Right Charity in the Right Way

How to Support the Right Charity in the Right Way When supporting the right charity in the right way it can have massive benefits to a company. In a recent survey 95 percent of consumers would switch brands to one that supports a good cause if price and quality were simular, according to the 2015 Cone Communications CSR Study. Although to gain such strong public support it is important that the charity engagement is long-term and is communicated in a meaningful way through many marketing channels, is aligned with your business strategy and is an issue your target [...]

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How to Build a Successful Brand That Does Good

How to Build a Successful Brand That Does Good When profits go before anything else a company can loose its sense of ‘purpose’ it no longer stands for anything meaningful or follows a code of ethics. When its only focus is to build its bank account at the cost of everything else it loses trust, respect and ultimately its reputation. One of the best examples of a ‘soul-less’ company was best portrayed in the hit ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ where Leonardo DiCaprio takes us into the unethical wild world of businessman, Jordan Belfort who [...]

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How the Eco Store Stands Out!

How the Eco Store Stands Out! I always scan the supermarket shelves to find brands that do good, work good and make me feel good. Which is why the sustainable and organic eco store brand was an obvious choice as it stood out as a brand with purpose. While its understated black and white packaging caught my eye so did its promise of being plant and mineral based with no nasty chemicals. True to its word it had no ammonia, no benzyl alcohol, no parfum, no phosphates, no sodium chloride. Feeling satisfied I took it home for [...]

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