Today 88% of consumers want to know how you’re making the world a better place

Today we want to highlight a brand that actively and authentically lives its social purpose.

As we know business has entered a purpose revolution and to keep up brands must promote the values they care about to connect with their audience.

The Edelman Trust Barometer found 88% of consumers want to know how brands are making the world a better place.

While 77% of Australians want companies to share their values.

Both of Unilever’s social purpose brands – Ben & Jerry’s and Dove are growing 35% faster than all the other brands in their portfolio.

Ben & Jerry’s in particular win the gold star for doing good by actively living its mission: to make the world’s best ice-cream, to be financially successful and to ‘make the world a better place’.

It sources milk from regional organic dairy farms that don’t contain growth hormones. And the bakery it uses to make its cookies in the states hires the homeless.

To promote its mission it partnered with WWF & Australian Marine Conservation Society for the ‘Fight for the Reef’ campaign. And introduced a new flavour ‘Save Our Swirled’ with the intention to raise awareness about climate change.

To promote its mission it went on a ‘Fight for the Reef’ tour in its branded Ben & Jerry’s van to educate consumers on the threat of The Great Barrier Reef. The power of its social mission was evident when the QLD Government asked consumers to boycott the brand for jeopardising tourism dollars, but instead 80% of consumers said they were more like to buy Ben & Jerry’s as a result of its social stance.

Latest research from Cone Communications has found that 89% of global consumers would switch brands to one that supports a good cause, if price and quality were similar. So this is telling us that consumers want to use their purchasing power to support the brands that are doing good.

Today consumers are looking for four major qualities in companies:
They want companies to be actively invested in the solution of social problems.

They want companies that prioritise “making an impact” on the world around them.

They want companies to be open and honest about their efforts — and to be public about their initiatives.

They want companies to involve their customers in their good works.

They want an opportunity to give back — whether it’s with a gift of their time or their money.

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