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Dora Nikols is the founder of Social Mission who believes business has a responsibility to do good as it’s also good for business.

She lives by the philosophy shared by Martin Luther Jr, ‘that our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.’

Working in PR for both corporate and non-profit environments for the past 20 years she has seen first hand that standing for something makes you stand out the most.

She ensures all social good activities are infused into a company’s DNA so it creates a real movement of ‘doing good.’ And captures the hearts, minds and emotions of its audience.

She ensures companies really stand out and stand for something!

Our Values

Without people, there is no team. Without others, there is no ‘I’ or ‘Me’ to reflect; we couldn’t exist or survive without it.

Our team is the core of our business and – our team + our purpose = Social Mission.

We deeply value and support each other as our people, and the unique flavour and skills each one of us has to offer, is the core of what makes us brilliant and unique.

Listening is the first key to success.

When we listen, we truly listen. Not just listening whilst thinking of our next response, but listening with awareness to understand what our client needs.

By truly listening, we are able to identify the gap for our clients to benefit them in the best way possible and help them Stand Out and Stand for Something truly meaningful to grow their business and customer connections.

Without putting ourselves in the shoes of others, we’re not able to really see things as they do.

Therefore, before responding (not reacting) our key value is to place ourselves in the others shoes, just for a moment to really understand what they are saying, whether it’s external (client) or internal (team).

This way, we can respond in the best way possible.

Each moment is a totally new one – a true gift in every frame of a second (or even more).

So we embrace change, let go of any repeating stories and truly aim to embrace each moment to enjoy and flourish in the best way possible in each moment.

To trust, we all need to know the truth, which comes from absolute transparency.

We are transparent across the board with our team and our clients, every step of the way to meet and – as often as possible – exceed expectations.

We also work hard to help our clients be meaningful and transparent and to share the stories that make them truly great.

Another big factor for trust! If we don’t walk the talk, we shouldn’t exist!

Keeping promises we make to ourselves, our team, our clients is the intrinsic key to showing up in each moment and delivering on-time.

We as a social purpose agency are on the cusp of the latest trends that will help our clients do good in the world and grow their business, build trust, loyalty and meaning.

We commit everyday to be better, do better and share more with our clients so they stay ahead of the trends, of the competition and of doing good.

Last but not least is FUN! We love what we do and if we didn’t love it, there’s no point
doing it.

Each moment is a blessing and we are really blessed to be doing something we love and truly care about while helping others.